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Benefits of a Campfire...

Rumor around the campfire is.

For hundreds of years, fires have been a constant staple for security. They provide a source of light, warmth, and the first real way of cooking! But there’s more…

Researchers show that spending time with your family or “besties” while sharing stories or experiences can actually boost your serotonin levels, leaving you with a happier feeling! And because fires appeal to all 5 of your senses, studies have shown the longer you spend watching a fire, the mind eases allowing you to naturally lower your blood pressure.

So, grab your favorite people and cozy up by the campfire. Let those orange and yellow flames, the sounds of the wood crackling, and the smell of the pinewood smoke literally melt your cares away!

(P.S. Don’t Forget the smore’s…and maybe some wine😊)

Walker Getaway Campfire

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